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Episode 73: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [JULY 2014]

Episode 73 - Straight up drum & bass for your listening pleasure. Tune in and enjoy. Download via iTunes:

Track list:

01. LSB - Leave [Soul:R]
02. Seba - Addicted [Spearhead]
03. Eveson - A Dystopian Romance [Ingredients]
04. Seba - Cold Spring (feat. Robert Manos) [Spearhead]
05. Chromatic - Orchestral [Innerground]
06. Electric Soul - Believe In Yourself (Simplification Remix) [Phuzion Digital]
07. Skeptical - Always Been Mine [Soul:R]
08. BCee - Hit You Where You Live [Spearhead]
09. Emperor and Centra - The Saboteur [Critical]
10. Kasra and Enei - Breath [Critical]
11. BCee - Think Twice [Spearhead]
12. Keeno - Scripted (feat. Louise Bass) [Med School]
13. Blocks - Patriach [Narratives Music]
14. Kid Drama - What Used To Be [Soul:R]
15. Nucleus and Paradox - Analogue Life [Metalheadz Platinum]
16. Dom and Roland - Unofficial Jah VIP [Metalheadz]
17. Fracture - Loving Touch [Exit]
18. Tokyo Prose - Waiting On (feat. Riya) [Samurai Red Seal]
19. Instra:Mental - Photograph [Darkestral]
20. Deep Blue - Helicopter [Moving Shadow]

Time: 58:15
Recorded: July 11 2014
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XLR8R Podcast 351: Fracture

After nearly a decade in dance music purgatory, drum & bass and jungle have gradually worked their way back into the spotlight. Throughout this process, few labels have proven more reliable than dBridge's Exit Records, and the imprint's latest offering, the Loving Touch EP, comes from Fracture (a.k.a. Charlie Fieber), a veteran UK producer who also heads up a quality imprint of his own, Astrophonica, with partner and frequent collaborator Neptune. On the record's title track, Fracture flips Ralphi Rosario's and Xavier Gold's house classic "You Used to Hold Me" into a hyperkinetic piece of drum & bass, while the remainder of the EP finds him working bits of footwork, grime, hip-hop, and dubstep into a jungle template. On a basic level, this sort of hybridization and creativity is at least partially responsible for the revitalization of drum & bass, and hearing these tunes left us curious about how the approach would work in an elongated format. As such, we invited Fracture to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series.

Right off the bat, the mix is brimming with energy. Drum & bass is a naturally hyperactive sound to begin with, but when infused with low-end-heavy blasts and frequent rhythmic change-ups, the music takes on a whole new vibrance. Over the course of nearly an hour, Fracture employs many of his own tracks—although many of these numbers are collaborative—but he also enlists the talents of like-minded jungle experimenters like Om Unit, DJ Spinn, and Addison Groove. It's not a session for the faint of heart.

Track list:

01 Taso "Lose You"
02 MP ­"U Dont Know Me" (MP)
03 Addison Groove "Masamune" (50Weapons)
04 Fracture "Bump 2 Dis"
05 Om Unit "Nuff Music (feat. Moresounds)" (Cosmic Bridge)
06 DJ Spinn "Dubby"
07 Fracture "Dead and Bury (feat. Moresounds)" (Astrophonica)
08 Fracture "Jam #1 (feat. DJ Spinn & Taso)"
09 DJ Monita "Luv Ta Luv Ya (Fracture's Astrophonica Remix)" (Skeleton)
10 Kid Lib "Soundmove" (Green Bay Wax)
11 Fracture "Loving Touch" ­(Exit)
12 Fracture "Back It Up (feat. Sam Binga & Rider Shafique)" (Astrophonica)
13 Fracture ­"Grippin' Grain (feat. Sam Binga)" ­(Exit)
14 Fracture "From Early (feat. Chimpo) (Fracture's Reduction Mix)" (Metalheadz)
15 Moresounds "Pure Niceness" (Astrophonica)
16 Overlook "Empires"
17 Great Dane "Invite Only" (Alpha Pup)
18 Fracture "She Want It Ruff (feat. Sam Binga & Rider Shafique)" (Astrophonica)
19 Fracture "Whatever (feat. Neptune)" (Astrophonica)
20 Moresounds "Rahstok"


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rockwell on BBC Radio 1 - 13/7/14

Track list:

Break - Moving On (Horizons)
Dose - The Experience (Critical)
DC Breaks - Lock In (RAM)
Dub Phizix - The Clock Ticks (Tru Thoughts)
Lana Del Rey - West Coast (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Distorted Minds - Blacker (D Style)
Blocks and Escher - Moods (Metalheadz)
Calculon - Get Murked
Rockwell - I Need U (Shogun Audio)
MK - Always (Friction Remix) (feat. Alana)
Technimatic - Looking For Diversion (feat. Lucy Kitchen) (Shogun Audio)
LSB - Untitled Strings (Soul:R)
Halogenix - Her Waves (Critical)
The Upbeats - Corposant (Blackout)
Posij - Misfits
Noisia and Prolix - Asteroids (Vision)
Om Unit and Moresounds - Nuff Music (Cosmic Bridge)
Haogenix - Baby (Critical)
Darq E Freaker - Minger (Numbers)
Noisia - Leopard Slug (Vision)
Ulterior Motive - M.I.R (Metalheadz)
Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix Remix) (Virus)
Wots My Code - Dubplate (Total Science Remix)(C.I.A)
Chris SU and State Of Mind - Above Earth (Fate)
Critical Impact - Headtop Champion (feat. Carasel)(Playaz)
Borderline - Edge Of Space
Neonlight - ExtraSolar (Blackout)
Distorted Minds - Blacker (feat. Strikez) (D-Style)
Fre4knc - Cardiome (Invisible)
Disphonia - War Bunker (Eatbrain)
Optiv, BTK and Mindscape - Intruder (Virus)
S.P.Y. - Step & Flow (Hospital)
Ed:it & Pennygiles - Sat Theory
Neonlight - Heavy Bettie (Blackout)
Critical Impact - Cold Feat (feat. Longman)
Audio - Stampede (RAM)
Loadstar - Under Pressure (RAM)
Misanthrop - Deadlock (Neosignal)
Technimatic - Tectonic (Shogun Audio)
Rockwell - 1234 (Shogun Audio)
Dimension - Crowd Reaction (VIP)
Teddy Killers - Demolisher (Gridlok Remix)(Subtitles)
Zombie Cats and Mefjus - Must Eat
Plug - 7.1 (Nothing)
Fracture - Loving Touch (Exit)
Metrik - Want My Love (feat. Elisabeth Troy) (Hospital)
Mercedes - Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Remix)

Jrumhand & Phatplayaz - Bukem In Session Mix

After collaborating together on tracks like 'All That Jazz', Jrumhand and Phatplayaz caught the attention of LTJ Bukem - in short: a legendary player in drum & bass who's predilection for more musical forms lead to him spearheading an entire sub genre of d&b. Whilst continuing to work separately and together (they've had releases on labels like Fokus, Phuzion Digital and, of course, Bukem's Good Looking imprint), Jrumhand and Phatplayaz have been DJing together a lot recently and both returning to one of their first loves in doing so.

Track list:

1. Paul SG - Caragua
2. Random Movement - See You Again [Phuzion]
3. Conspire and Blade - True Pioneers [Soul Deep Recordings]
4. Rowpieces - Jazzmerising [Jazzsticks]
5. Oliver Ferrer - Chasing Summers [Luvdisaster]
6. Paul SG and Carter - Falling Leaves [Good Looking Records]
7. Phatplayaz - Outside
8. Phatplayaz - Revolution
9. Phatplayaz - Having Tea With My Aunt [Storejam]
10. Phatplayaz - Breathe
11. Jrumhand featuring Lady Emz - Basic Intuition
12. Jrumhand - Through the Cosmos [Storejam]
13. Flowrian – Wait For Me [Good Looking Records]
14. Jrumhand - Piano Business [Storejam]
15. Scott Allen and Deeper Connection - Vision Quest [Good Looking Records]
16. MJT and Arp-1 - Invisible Man [Good Looking Records]
17. Blade and Jrumhand - Cascade [Good Looking Records]
18. Jrumhand - Johnny Promise (Mike PFM's Sweardown Bruv Remix) [Phuzion]
19. Jrumhand - We Rise (Soulstructure Remix) [Storejam]

Flexout Audio Podcast 001

Retraflex kick off a brand new series of podcasts with special guests Amoss, Bredren, Arkaik, Fearful, Dexta, Sweetpea, Cursed & Dan from In-Reach...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

SMTHND Podcast #002

Track list:

01 - HijaQ - Fringe
02 - Ghostek - Velvet (Forge remix)
03 - Bop & Despot - Endless Searching
04 - Daat - Meat Grinder
05 - Data & Despot - Remember
06 - Dissident - Unwritten Book
07 - Southern Shores - Marazul (Daat remix)
08 - Squarepusher - 4001 (Abtract Elements remix)
09 - Bulb & Tiiu - Hardest Way (Ghostek remix)
10 - Bulb feat. Jeremy Clarke - Revelation
11 - Daat - Apache
12 - Bop - Time & Space
13 - Dissdent - Pseudo
14 - Daat - Fridge
15 - Elusive Elements & Silent Mind - Immortal
16 - ASC - Esper
17 - Jason oS - I Know
18 - Daat - Your Love Is Back

FACT mix 450 - Stacey Pullen (July '14)

One of the key figures of Detroit techno’s second wave steps up on this week’s FACT mix. First under aliases like Bango and Kosmik Messenger then under his birth name, Stacey Pullen spent the 1990s helping to both continue the legacy of his friend and collaborator Derrick May’s generation, while also opening it up to influences like broken beat. Although he was at his most prolific in the ’90s, Pullen still regularly releases music and runs his own label, Blackflag.

Despite being an established producer, Pullen’s reputation as a DJ is just as strong. Unlike some of his peers, he’s not spent his later years developing a ludicrous live show or resting on his morals; rather, he still plays it raw, hard and soulful.

Track list:

Roberto Clementi – Lei [Soma]
Werner Niedermeier – Subconscious Emotion [Ayeko]
Joor Ghen – Organic (Original Mix) [Serkal]
Reset Robot – The Birth Of Terry Burrows (Original Mix) [Truesoul]
Matrixxman – The Spell (Phil Kieran Remix) [Kraftwerk]
Melokolektiv – Ascension (David K Remix) [Recovery Tech]
Ellroy – Whatcha Gonna Do (Original Mix) [Expectancy]
Brothers in Progress & Venditti Bros – Scream To Me A Loud (Original Mix) [Blackflag Recordings]
Harry Romero – Gimme The Funk [Ovum]
Sergio Fernandez – Neon Lights (Original Mix) [Agile Records]
Dubspeeka – She Loves (Glimpse Remix) [Recovery Tech]
Markus Homm – You Don’t Know [Cyclic]
Elio Riso – It’s Alirght [Blackflag Recordings]
Brothers in Progress & Veditti Bros – Emotionique (Original Mix) [Blackflag]
Raw Rootz – Beginning (Stacey Pullen Remix) [Kraftek]
Mathew Styles – Gesopik Console [nofitstate]

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selection 2014 Countdown Pt.2: A.M.C In the Mix

Track list:

The Answer - Mob Tactics
Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix) - Boogie Times Tribe
Purpose - Noisia
You've Finally Lost It - A.M.C
Together In The Night - Chris SU Ft Mira
Ska - Dj Zinc Remix
So High - L Side
Seasons - Logistics Ft Lifford
Dubplate - Total Science
Lay In Wait - Symptom - (Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selections 2014)
Return to Atlantis - LTJ Bukem - Marky & S.P.Y Remix
Night Vision - Technimatic - (Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selections 2014)
Ever So Slightly - Lenzman - Artificial Intelligence Remix - (Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selections 2014)
Colour Wheel - Logistics
The Defect - Zaiaku
Satisfy - Bootleg
Dust Up - Noisia & The Upbeats
Age Of Empires - Photek
New Design - Break, DLR
Get Free - Andy C Remix
Need You - Loadstar - Frankee Remix
Ascent - Hybrid Minds Feat. Charlie P & Linguistics - A.M.C Remix


Utah Jazz - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix (July 2014)

Drum and Bass has probably been around since around 1993, give or take, depending on where you stand on the ‘is it jungle, is it drum and bass?’ debate.

Paradox has been releasing vinyl since 1992 under his Mixrace (alongside DJ Trax), Brown Assassin and Paradox monikers. This makes Dev Paradox an essential part of drum and bass and jungle music, and he’s been on the cutting edge of it all since then – even if the kids just started stealing his hairstyle ideas now!

SUN AND BASS Podcast #26 comes from the man himself, and put together in his own inimitable hosting style, he educates us on the music and airs some of the finest cuts currently around, yet as per usual, never with any arrogance or elitism.

Check this podcast if you want to know about the best drum and bass has to offer right now – you’re going to enjoy it.

Villem Promo Mix

Track list:

1. Bungle - You & Me (Villem Remix)
2. Villem - Bring Us Closer
3. Anile - Depths
4. Tokyo Prose & Riya - Waiting On
5. Pennygiles - Stories Untold (Remix)
6. ? - ?
7. Fields - Reel Funk
8. Mako & Sine - The Gully
9. Kalm & Danny Vibes - Living In The Red (Villem & McLeod Remix)
10. Villem & Mcleod - Only 4 U
11. Friction & Total Science - Scatter
12. Break - Duck for Cover
13. ? - ?
14. Villem & Mcleod - Dutch Oven

Doc Scott - Future Beats Radio Show [03-07-14]

Download: Tokyo Prose in the mix for Mixmag

Tokyo Prose is the London-based, New Zealand-born drum 'n' bass producer who sits on the soulful side of the genre.

Alongside current luminary Lenzman, he makes slick, liquid d'n'b that'll make your feet move and transport your mind to another place. This is in full effect on his forthcoming album 'Presence', out via esteemed imprint Samurai Music and also featuring the likes of Lenzman, Synkro, LSB, DRS, Riya and Fox.

A dope LP for anyone into deep electronic music, 'Presence' is a journey through rolling d'n'b charged with emotion.

Rawganics Podcast 007

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Episode 72: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [JUNE 2014]

Episode 72 - More deep 170BPM electronic music for your listening pleasure. Tune in and enjoy.
Track list:
01. Mav - Makati Oasis (Future Engineers Remix) [Scientific]
02. Jubei and Consequence - Black Hornet [Metalheadz]
03. Loxy and Resound - Anomaly [CX Digital]
04. Nether - Dimensional Space Jazz [DSM]
05. Hidden Turn - Dislocate [ThirtyOne Recordings]
06. ASC and Sam KDC - Bad Dreams (Sam KDC Re-Think) [FREE]
07. Paragon - Precipice [ThirtyOne Recordings]
08. Alix Perez - Gully Halves [Exit]
09. Hidden Turn - Big Dirty [ThirtyOne Recordings]
10. Lenzman - Empty Promise (Jubei Remix) [Metalheadz]
11. DAAT - Orange Line (Deep Blue Remix) [Organic]
12. Kryptic Minds - Burnt To Ashes [Exit]
13. Beastie Respond - One More Second [Exit]
14. Mav - Between Heaven And The Deep Blue Sea (Seba Remix) [Scientific]
15. Adam F - Jaxx [Positiva]
16. Southern Shores - Marazul (DAAT Remix) [Detuned Transmissions]
17. DAAT - 走る男 [Detuned Transmissions]
18. Tiiu - All Good Things [Blu Mar Ten Music]
19. Killawatt - Threads [BANDCAMP]
20. PFM - Dreams [Looking Good Records]
Time: 55:45

Recorded: June 11 2014
For mixes and more visit

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Dimension - Crowd Reaction (VIP)

Incredible VIP from Dimension of his single Crowd Reaction! Released on CYN Music 6th July.

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A: Crowd Reaction VIP
AA: Digital World VIP

CYN Music
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