Monday, September 01, 2014

Episode 75: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [September 2014]

Deeper and more melodic than previous installments, Subvert HQ Podcast Episode 75 features minimalist compositions cavorting with muscled baselines. The mood maybe one of milky wistfulness, but this is electronic listening music at its best. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Download via iTunes:…cast/id395437067

Track list:

01. Kid Drama - Separation [Pleasure District]
02. Bop - Lucid Dreaming [Med School]
03. Heart Drive - Empathy Reboot [Pleasure District]
04. Theme - Theme 3 [Samurai Horo]
05. Pessimist - Short Sighted [CX Digital]
06. Pessimist - Solaris [CX Digital]
07. Nuage and Gerwin - Lifestyle [Translation Recordings]
08. Heart Drive - Format Affection [Pleasure District]
09. Tokyo Prose - Small Gains [Samurai Red Seal]
10. Response - Control [Ingredients]
11. Hydroglifics and Kolectiv - Tize [Dispatch]
12. Hydroglifics - Terra [Dispatch]
13. Digital and Response - Slip Away [Mars Recordings]
14. Bop - The Backbone Flute [Med School]
15. Bop - Higgs Boson [Med School]
16. Kid Drama - Void Response [Pleasure District]
17. Heart Drive - When Droids Cry [Pleasure District]
18. Tokyo Prose - Common Ground (featuring Synkro) [Samurai Red Seal]
19. Blu Mar Ten - Somewhere (Frederic Robinson Remix) [BMT Music]
20. Courtney Pine - I've Known Rivers (4Hero Remix) [Talkin' Loud]

Time: 58:52
Recorded: Aug 30 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Expecta - MNML Abstractions Mix (Part III)

Third edition of MNML Abstractions mix series, exploring the consequences of scientific innovations, one purpose of science fiction, making it a “literature of ideas”. Science fiction has been used by authors as a device to discuss philosophical ideas such as identity, desire, morality, and social structure.

Track list:

Synth Sense - Corrosion
Consequence - Fog
Theme - Theme 2
They Live - Cancel Standard
Felix K - Flower Of Destruction #2
Instra:Mental - Detuned
Consequence - Dreadtone
Felix K - Flower Of Destruction #4
ASC - Biscayne
Kid Drama - Kill Time
Mode - The Abyss (Sam KDC's Acid Dub Re-Think)
Despot - Nowhere
Paranoid Society - Microl 9000
Reza - Dew Drops
Data & K2 - Kyushojutsu VIP
Lyterian - Chambers Of Apogee
Nether - Oracle
Central Industrial - Integration

Silk Podcast No.31 - Mixed By Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.31 mixed by Forge.

Fenomena Studio #31 Podcast - Sinistarr

Track list:

East Of Oceans - Symbol 6.2
stingray313 - sphere of influence
Sergio Levels - Time
RekChampa - Flitflax
Leftfield - Release 3
Nightwave - Go Hard
2nd Sun - Coming Home (Sinistarr Remix)
Pixelord - Polygon Fane
Silent Dust - Love Sundered
David Axelrod - The Human Abstract (Om Unit Remix)
Bill Riley - Never Go Back
BSN Posse - Soul Rhythm
Baby Bash - So High (Ticklish Remix)
Scorpio - Li LI
Lemon D - La Fantasy
Wheez-ie - Third Ward Shuffle
Slick Shoota - High
ArpXP & Nitri - Makes Me Wonder
Sampha - Beneath The Tree

DNBE Presents - Rhodes [Command Strange Showcase Mix]

Track list:

Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - More Than You Know [Celsius]
Command Strange & Dynamic - Girls [Fokuz]
Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - Flirt [Celsius]
Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - Feel The Same [Celsius]
Command Strange - Soulville [Basswerk Files]
Command Strange - Million Miles [Celsius]
Command Strange & Incident - Hidden Stairs [Celsius]
Command Strange - Could Be Mine [Integral]
Command Strange - Emotions [Celsius]
Command Strange & Dynamic - Lost In You [Fokuz]
Command Strange - Sweetest Goodbye [Celsius]
Command Strange & Dynamic - Your World [Celsius]
Command Strange - Soul Travel [Celsius]
Command Strange - Everything [Rubik Digital]
Command Strange & Dynamic - Jazzmine [Fokuz]
Command Strange - Mirage [Rubik Digital]
Command Strange & Malaky - Can't Get Away [Celsius]
Command Strange - Time [Human Soul]
Command Strange - Fly Away [Fokuz]
Command Strange & Dynamic - Future Perfect [Celsius]
Command Strange - Ocean Drive [Celsius]
Command Strange - The Croc [Integral]
Command Strange - Black Hat [Integral]
Command Strange - Takeover [Dark Manoeuvres]
Command Strange - Dirty Music [Celsius]
Command Strange - Disco Ball [Chronic]
Command Strange - 1000% Acid [Innerground]
Command Strange - Hyperbug [Horizons Music]
Command Strange - Bad Boy [V Recordings]

mR_BLACk - Intruders From The Seventh Dimension (Minimal 170)

Track list:

Ena - Dipteran
Theme - Theme 1
Kid Drama - Separation
Consequence & FIS - Cultural Trauma
Sam KDC - Between Dreams
Heart Drive - When Droids Cry
Ghost Warrior - Contagion
Acid Lab - Senses
ASC & Synth Sense - Reject the System
Subject - Suspension
Blocks - Moon & Stars
Heart Drive - Empathy Reboot
Stray - Triangles
THY LVE - What We Promise
Monic - Habits
Theme - Theme 3
Biosphere - Mestigoth

DJ Marky - Marky & Friends Mix (Aug 2014)

DJ Marky is a proper veteran. Sure, he's had chart hits alongside underground smashes but that doesn’t really cut to the core of him. What’s fact is that the Brazilian master has been hosting parties here under the Marky & Friends and (his record label) Innerground banners for a number of years now and, what's emphatically telling is that he remains one of the most energetic and entertaining DJs around. No surprisingly, the latest Marky & Friends mix is a typically sun soaked affair, harbouring more than a few handsome drum & bass nugget. Dig in.

Track list:

1. Calibre - Windows
2. Break - Natural Progression
3. DJ Marky - Bolkwush
4. Sevin - Sunday Phunk
5. The Invaderz - Doublethinking
6. S.P.Y - Mucky Business
7. DJ Marky - Medusa
8. Noisia - Stamp Out
9. Tyke - Keep Shining
10. Supreme Being - The Horns Of Abel
11. Chromatic - Impact
12. Chromatic - Aspalls
13. Intelligent Manners - All By Myself
14. DJ Marky - Silly
15. Hazard - Death Sport
16. Wilkinson - Dirty Love (TC Remix)
17. Joe Nebula & Rachel Wallace - Twisted World (Silent Code Remix)
18. Simplification & Translate - I Need You

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DBR UK - The Deep End Collective Mix


Track list:

DYL - Metamophosis
Interline - Subtle
Kyrist - MindGame
DBR UK - Paranoia
Nymfo - Coming Through
Alex Perez - Myriads
Pessimist & Understate - Hypnosis
Young G feat Ragga Twins - Run
DBR UK & Denial - Access Denied
DBR UK - Antiseptic
Future Roots & Crimson- Dub Specialist
Zero T & Script - Guessing Games (Bailey Remix)
DLR - Sense of Wanting
Dom & Roland - Ritual Track
DABS - Objection VIP
Acid Lab - Magnetic
Kaset - Submerge
Skeptical feat Mc Fokus - Overdrive
DBR UK & Genotype - Zombies
Tom Small- Next War (Bredren Remix)
DBR UK - Kick in ya door
DLR & Mako & Ant TC 1 - Hungry for Atmosphere

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Vibing off of light, layered keys and female R&B coos, Break gives us a rolling five minutes of pure A-side. Not to be lost in the air, a thickly chopped break plays overtop sub bass as filter resonances enter at the offsides, carefully touching on the interplay of voice and gated percussion. This is a rattling piece that's as much deep house as it is liquid step.

Break's take on Mako's recent Billie Holiday homage bounces its bass and hi-freq drums between two densely layered snare notes. Splices of tape-delayed voice dither off into an empty jazz-space, leaving a heavy analog-sounding synth, motes of vinyl dust and a closing section that fades just before returning to the tonic├│ ready for the final phase of your mix.

It comes out in September, look out for it at all your favourite music outlets.


Monday, August 25, 2014


A key cog in the Hyperdub machine, Ikonika steps up for her second FACT mix.

Since debuting with ‘Please’ in 2008, Ikonika has not just become a key part of the Hyperdub stable, but one of the UK’s most reliable producers – developing her early, sample-led bleep sound into a more fully-fleshed, hardware-driven aesthetic over the last half-decade. Although her studio set-up – as she showed FACT TV recently – has expanded in recent years, her music’s never fallen into the trap of mixdowns over hooks, and her latest EP Position is as rich in melody as anything she’s done before.

She also only seems to get better as a DJ. Loosely speaking, her sets revolve around r’n'b, grime, house and techno, but even when pulling the floor out from a 4×4 pulse (as she does several times in this mix), they never feel disjointed – instead, she’s one of the best around at working club dynamics to their maximum.

Track list:

1. Ikonika feat Dam Funk – I Know (That You Are The 1) Re-work
2. Jessy Lanza – Fuck Diamond (Bambounou Remix)
3. Fiedel – Step Aside
4. Scratcha DVA – PERXOFLYF
5. Ikonika – Tug Zone (Georgia Girls & Neana Bootleg)
6. Benjamin Damage – Splash
7. Ikonika feat Optimum – Mega Church (Perc Remix)
8. Ikonika – Position VIP
9. Ben Sims – Orbit
10. BillieJean feat Dice – STFU & Blow Like A Thot (DJ Android Remix) (Kaka Edit)
11. Ikonika – Stick Shaker
12. Tinashe – 2 On (Uniiqu3 Remix)
13. Ikonika – You Won’t Find It There (Deamonds Edit)
14. Scratcha DVA X Mickey Pearce – Spoon Bender
15. Ikonika – Shovel
16. Lil Durk – Dis Ain’t What You Want (EMG Remix)
17. Rabit – Thug Rotorvator
18. S-Type – Rosario VIP
19. August Alsina – Down Right Now (Deamonds Edit)
20. Moleskin – Digital
21. Ikonika – Strawberry Underlay
22. Copeland – Advice To Young Girls
23. Ikonika – Time/Speed
24. Trey Songz – All We Do

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Intelligent Music Podcast #6 (24.08.2014) - mixed by Nwave

Track list:

01. Tokyo Prose - 16 Bar Cycles (feat. Christophe El Truento) ['Presence' LP, Samurai Music 2014]
02. Mav - For The Little Ones (feat. Jackie Valerie) ['Sounds Of The Deep' LP, Scientific Records 2014]
03. Lenzman - Lazy Dub ['Looking At The Stars' LP, Metalheadz Records 2014]
04. Tokyo Prose - Sunsets (feat. LSB & DRS) ['Presence' LP, Samurai Music 2014]
05. Calibre - Fear Of Letting Go (feat. DRS) ['Shelflife 3' LP, Signature Recordings 2014]
06. Tokyo Prose - All Things ['Presence' LP, Samurai Music 2014]
07. Lenzman - Through My Eyes ['Looking At The Stars' LP, Metalheadz Records 2014]
08. Tokyo Prose - Fragmented You (feat. Milton) ['Presence' LP, Samurai Music 2014]
09. Calibre - Erode ['Shelflife 3' LP, Signature Recordings 2014]
10. Kid Drama - Separation ['Pleasure District 002' EP
Exit Records 2014]
11. Heart Drive - Format Affection ['Pleasure District 003' EP, Exit Records 2014]
12. S.Bluyer & Aural Imbalance - Evening Bliss ['After The Rain' EP, Movementinsound 2014]
13. Bass'Flo & Ziyal - Lucid Dreamer (Aural Imbalance Rework) ['Lucid Dreamer' EP, Cadence Recordings 2014]
14. Bass'Flo & Ziyal - Lucid Dreamer ['Lucid Dreamer' EP, Cadence Recordings 2014]
15. Mav - Between Heaven And The Deep Blue Sea (Seba Remix) ['Sounds Of The Deep' LP, Scientific Records 2014]
16. Seba - Painted Skies (feat. Robert Manos) [12" vinyl & digital Single, Secret Operations Records 2010]
17. Technimatic - Perseverance ['Desire Paths' LP, Shogun Audio 2014]
18. Technimatic - Music Is Music ['Desire Paths' LP, Shogun Audio 2014]
19. Tokyo Prose - Kidman (feat. Zoe Klinck) ['Presence' LP, Samurai Music 2014]
20. Lenzman - Anticipate (feat. Martyna Baker) ['Looking At The Stars' LP, Metalheadz Records 2014]
21. Lenzman - 1978 (Interlude) ['Looking At The Stars' LP, Metalheadz Records 2014]
22. S.Bluyer & Aural Imbalance - Sirius ['After The Rain' EP, Movementinsound 2014]