Monday, May 24, 2010


This is one of the more extreme drum & bass mixes I've come across of late, courtesy of Venezuela's Zardonic. Death metal and heavy tech step (deathstep??) in the mix and it is surprisingly good.

In his recent Dogs On Acid interview (read it here) he says: "In all honesty I'm curious to see what people would think. Something tells me a lot of people are going to love it, but there's another lot that's going to feel absolutely pissed off, especially because I'm playing a lot of hard techno and gabber on it, and also exposing my favorite track off the recently released Pendulum album Immersion. But I could give two shits about it. It just makes me laugh how people that I've respected during the years and have worked with me even call me sellout for doing that. But I've always had a great respect for Pendulum, especially their newer stuff which I believe is very innovative. So yeah, the set goes from 2 steppers to grindsteppers to hard techno to hardcore to metal, there's just a lot in it. I do hope most people will dig it though as I kinda tried something different on this set, I'm using a lot of personal edits and 'potpourris' (mash-ups) blending many tunes together in the sequencer with some of my own edits, a la The Panacea. A couple classics, a couple dubplates, and obviously fresh new stuff."

Download the mix HERE.