Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The dBridge Selection [2004 - 2011 mixed by Cryptic]

Sometime last year, this mix landed in our mailbox - 21 of the deepest cuts from dBridge's formidable back catalogue, mixed together by the mysteriously monickered Cryptic. It's been re-uploaded to Mediafire for easy downloading, so don't miss this.


Track list:

01. True Romance [Metalheadz]
02. Dolls [Bingo]
03. Pipe Dreams [Bingo]
04. Pure Elegance [Exit]
05. Forgot What I Needed To Forget [Exit]
06. Blush Response (featuring Instra:Mental) [Exit]
07. The Question [Exit]
08. On Your Mind [Soul:R]
09. Detuned Heart [Autonomic]
10. Cast A Cold Eye [Exit]
11. Ponderosa (featuring Calibre) [Exit]
12. Inner Disbelief [Exit]
13. Bastien [Bingo]
14. Rendezvous [Exit]
15. 5th Floor [Exit]
16. Decayed [Exit]
17. The Haven [Exit]
18. Love Hotel [Exit]
19. The Simplest Thing [Exit]
20. Dim Light [Exit]
21. Wonder Where [NonPlus+]