Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diamond EyE // Mind Film EP

Manifesto Music returns with its 5th release from EDJ favourite DiamonD EyE...

DiamonD EyE - Mind Film EP

1. Tranquil
2. Random
3. Location
4. Mind Film

In a genre currently awash with dull, generic and unimagainative ‘rollers’, DiamonD EyE is bucking the trend. Heavy on the breakbeats and heavy on the vibes, he provides a welcome counterpoint to the stagnation that seems to have returned to certain sections of D&B almost as instantaneously as it was supposed to have vanished in the wake of the Autonomic movement and it’s associated sounds.

If you like what you hear on this EP then be sure to check his debut album ‘Moments In Life’, released June 2011 on Modern Urban Jazz.

Diamonds are forever.....

DiamonD EyE - Mind Film EP by Manifesto Music