Sunday, October 21, 2012

NSY006: Silent Dust & Zilla Rocca

Considered to be writing some of the most enigmatic and emotive music within 170 bpm bass music, Silent Dust have found favour amongst the genre’s most progressive taste makers. With their current output acclaimed as their best to date, the duo of Andy Hobbs and Dan Blishen have set a new precedent within what can only loosely be described as drum & bass. Championed by Marcus Intalex amongst others.

“Vostok 1” delivers stylistically the sound that found Silent Dust’s self titled album’s cult success. An ambient pulsating narrative to the pseudo sci-fi elation of the first human spaceflight. Musically outstanding, personally connective. Classic Silent Dust.

“Massive” is the wild card in Silent Dust’s musical entourage. No doubt inspired by US hip hop, the track enrolls the charismatic rap cryptology of Philadelphia’s noir hop originator Zilla Rocca. Determined not to be pigeon holed “Massive” has cinematic depth while still smashing the club sound system.

“We're taking each tune as it comes at the moment. The last few singles have been as diverse a selection of music as we've ever written, and this release continues down that road. It's been great to work with artists from outside the Drum & Bass scene... Trying to find a balance that inspires us both.” – Silent Dust