Monday, May 27, 2013

isolatedmix 38 – Bulb – Stereogamia

Bulb’s ‘Into The Deep‘ podcast has been a guiding source for many when searching for new electronic music. Sometimes filed under ’170BPM electronica’ or ‘autonomic sound‘ – a unique blend of ambient, electronica and drum’n bass styles, that the likes of ASC, Synkro and dBridge have been associated with. For his isolatedmix,Bulb putsg together a very personal journey. Slithers of light and melody cut through this deep and emotional mix, making this a sublime mix indeed.

Track list:

01. Accelra – Three Suns [Futuresequence]
02. Nils Frahm – For [Erased Tapes]
03. Jacaszek – Zal [Miasmah]
04. Ulver – Eos [The End]
05. Deaf Center – Hunted Twice [Type]
06. Ferrein – Hover [Farver]
07. Allez Allez – Defeatist (Somfay ‘Doubled Up Foldable Iona Rarity’ Remix) [free]
08. Mark Morgan – Metallic Monks [Fallout OST]
09. Volor Flex – Mistake [dub]
10. Martin Stig Andersen – Gravity Jump [Limbo OST]
11. Talvihorros – Alpha [Hibernate]
12. Keosz – Desire [dub]