Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DAD Mix 069: Calculon

Calculon has truly showcased how vital that darkside jungle music can be these days, and through Shoot Recordings, Calculon is both bridging that gap and exploring it in exciting new ways.
The third Shoot release is going to be a beast; Pawn and Calculon linked up for the deadly “Larchmont,” and got Om Unit to rework it. This is said to be dropping sometime later this month (via digital download and limited-edition purple vinyl), and you can hear both sides of that release in Calculon’s official DAD mix, alongside material from Sam Binga, Nphonix, and Mark Pritchard, as well as that sinister Om Unit “Shadow Boxing” remix. You want to know where my head is? Close your eyes and wander off into this mix.

Track list:

1 Daniel Crawford – The Awakening Intruth
2 Pawn and Calculon – Larchmont
3 J(ay) A.D. – Drop!!
4 Shake it Maschine – A Thousand Stars
5 ElectroAss – 808 Twerk
6 Los Ministros D’ La Habana – Noche de Placer (Nphonix Rejuke)
7 Nickotine – Pon Dem
8 Chrissy Murderbot – The Original (Calculon and Austin Speed Remix)
9 Special Request – Soundboy Killer
10 Mark Pritchard – Soundboy Fuck Off
11 Calculon and Austin Speed – Back the Fuck Up
12 Pawn and Calculon – Larchmont (Om Unit Remix)
13 Olugbenga – Silver Pixie, Iyawo Mi (Deft’s 95 Mix)
14 Sam Binga – Freezy
15 Digital and Spirit – Original Rockers
16 Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)
17 Moresounds – Blood
18 Quadrant, Iris, Calculon, and Homemade Weapons – Covalent
19 Om Unit – Wicker and Pearl
20 Eastcolors – The Light (Beastie Respond Remix)