Monday, November 03, 2014

Vaccine - Decryption EP | Auxiliary

Vaccine returns to Auxiliary with a digital only offering for our Transmissions series. Four tracks here from the depths of the Vaccine vaults, sitting mainly around the 140 bpm mark. These tracks are actually from a few years back, when Vaccine was working with the likes of Nonplus and Hotflush. First up is the EP's title track, Decryption. Super high tech percussion and strange sounds trigger off huge bass and stark eerie manipulated vocals. Dark science. Bad Habit goes a little lighter and introduces a vocal to stunning effect. Nurse drops the tempo to 85bpm and keeps the bass heavy. Fans of the Autonomic podcast may remember this one. Finally, Electrolyte (Decryption Part 2) is the light to Decryption's darkness - an alter-ego of sorts. Stunning stuff from start to finish. Get it HERE.