Sunday, July 25, 2010

Handgun-Wielding Darth Vader Robs Bank

Some ridiculous news, courtesy of Wired.

He didn’t speak with the voice of James Earl Jones or wield a light saber. But a 6-foot-tall man dressed as Darth Vader wasn’t playing games when he flashed a handgun and demanded that a New York bank teller fork over the loot.

The unidentified Darth Vader got away Thursday from a Chase Bank branch in Suffolk County with an undisclosed amount of cash stuffed into a sack adorned with a New York Yankees logo, police said.

A bank patron, according to reports, “started joking with the dark lord as he tried to pull off his heist.”

“This is not a joke,” yelled Darth Vader, who had clearly gone to the Dark Side.

The character then fled the bank and hopped on a bicycle and got away. Apparently, his Super Star Destroyer Executor was in the shop.

The unidentified phantom menace gets demerits for wearing camouflage pants.