Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Knowledge | Guest Mix: 1000names

The 1000names duo, AKA Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes from Sofia in Bulgaria, recently dropped Illuminated Man, one of the most breathtaking and accomplished LPs to come out of the hip hop scene in the last few years on the consistently brilliant Black Acre imprint.

Seek out the album, it floats effortlessly from the melancholy to the uplifting, the sober to the playful, it is an intoxicating experience that you cannot help but be sucked into.

In the meantime, Knowledge caught up with the pair who also knocked up a suitably funky yet out there mix.


Track list:

1. Claude Vasori - Tourbillon
2. D. Urruty & A. Pype - Hypothese
3. Sexual Harassment - If I Gave You A Party
4. James Pants - A Chip In The Hand
5. Untitled #1 - Brain
6. Coco Rosie - Happy Eyez
7. Nino - Get On The Floor
8. fLako & Berghem - Put Chur Hand Up
9. Dza - Miami Coctail
10. Paralel Concept - Illectrik Pervert
11. Machine Drum - Children Of The Ice
12. Quarteto Nova Era - De Repente
13. As Valet - Mind Control
14. 1000names - Logarithmic Spirals
15. Mr. Scruff - Pickled Spider
16. Gold Panda - You Kouala
17. Lucky Dragons - Helicopter De Cristal
18. Malmen - Flirt Talk