Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knowledge | Guest Mix: Sam KDC

Music always seems to become classified and sectioned into group's people and different areas, but Sam KDC is breathing new life in to drum & bass, pushing through those invisible walls and by injecting meaning and emotion. With forthcoming releases on DSM and 31 Records leading the way, Knowledge caught up with him to find out about his music and to see what he thinks of this ever-changing industry. Read the interview HERE

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Track list:

1. Getz & Nuage - Modern Times [Xtinction Agenda Dub]
2. Flatliners - Faith Too Much [Broken Audio]
3. Dot - Secure Zone [Dub]
4. ASC - The Touch [Auxiliary Dub]
5. Abstract Elements - PMS [Dub]
6. Getz & Nuage - Brain Lock [Eternia Music Dub]
7. Synth Sense - Soulstice [Deep Soul Music Dub]
8. Triad - Utopia [Xtinction Agenda Dub]
9. Nuage - Kind of Lost [Absys Dub]
10. Sam KDC - Frittering [Eternia Music Dub]
11. CJ Weaver - Untitled [Dub]
12. Eveson - Life in the Balance [Channel82 Dub]
13. Blue Motion & Clarity - When the Branch Breaks [Dub]
14. Sam KDC - Back Where I Met You [Dub]
15. Mindmapper & Flatliners - Lemon Haze [Dub]
16. Eveson - Numbers [Channel82 Dub]
17. NotioN - Searching For an Answer [Nu Directions Dub]