Monday, January 03, 2011

20 best - FACT mixes of 2010

via FACT:
The most heavily downloaded of the last twelve months was Autechre’s FACT mix 122, followed closely by Four Tet’s FACT mix 182, but of course these two heavy-hitters are just the tip of a huge and all-singing, all-dancing iceberg. We’ve now chosen our own favourite FACT mixes of the year, the ones that’s never left the stereo, the ones that just kept on giving. Over the next two pages you can see which exactly made the grade, and listen to all of ‘em via the wondrous technology that is Mixcloud.

Some other favourites...

Addison Groove is, in fact, an alias of Headhunter, a dubstep mainstay who’s released a multitude of singles for Tempa as well as an album for the label, Nomad. He’s been playing Chicago juke in his DJ sets for a while now, and his work as Addison Groove is where that influence is allowed to come to the forefront, with stripped down drum machine beats, acid basslines and hip-hop / booty-leaning vocals.

Hyperdub boss Kode 9 is one of the world’s best DJs – his extended sets at Plastic People last year are spoken of with pure reverence, and this year he’s let out specialist mixes in 2step and “sino-grime”. Here he contributes a mix of “mostly ’94-’96 jungle”, bound by an icy, misty quality. Lemon D, DJ SS, Undercover Agent and more feature.

Ah yes, Peverelist’s FACT mix. It was “recorded live with two turntables and a bag o’ acetate” just last week, and is “choc full of exclusives”.