Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"Manifesto Music presents: The Modern Sound Of Urban Jazz LP

For Manifesto Music’s third release, we are proud to present ‘The Modern Sound Of Urban Jazz’, our debut LP project featuring a selection of tracks from artists on the legendary Modern Urban Jazz label. This imprint’s contribution to drum & bass history cannot be ignored – set up in 1995 by Justice it has released tracks such as the seminal ‘Aquisse’ from Justice himself as well as a variety of music from respected artists such as Chris Inperspective, long time cohorts Metro & Invincible and more recently Muted, Sinistarr & Felix K over the course of its 16 year history. Left-field, experimental and never conformist, Manifesto Music is honoured to present this release to you.

Kicking things off are the eerie drones of ‘&Found’. Acting much like a sorbet, it clears the palette of the mind in preparation for the mind boggling array of musical flavours that await the listener over the course of the LP. Metro delivers some abstract minimalist styles with ‘Helium’ and this theme is continued with the scientific precision of ‘Reader 38’, a 3 way collaboration from Justice, Metro and Iceland’s Muted.

This track acts as the half-way point in the LP, with the sounds getting more breaksy and rolling for the latter half of the album. The bright and airy ‘Forever’ from Justice & Invincible with its funky bassline and choice female vocals make way for a more all-out dance floor number with breakbeat technician DiamonD EyE’s reinterpretation of Justice’s ‘Bassoon Tune’. The LP is rounded off in fine style with another Justice & Invincible collaboration ‘Hindsight Correction’ with its old school drum edits adding a modern twist to styles of yore.

With so many d&b long players merely being a random selection of assorted singles, this is an LP, albeit a short one, in the true sense of the word. From the first second to the last it takes you on a journey through the many different aspects of drum & bass and it is certain to be a release you will return to time and again. Enjoy."