Sunday, June 26, 2011


MJAZZ-MPOD 20-JUSTICE by modernurbanjazz

Celebrating the 20th edition of the MPOD series and the British summertime, Justice selects past, present and some future cuts. A dub element is weaved throughout and feature cuts from the forthcoming Diamond EyE LP, Moments in Life available on MJAZZ 4th July, keeping it Independent.

Track list:

1. When the world jaded (Seba remix)- Furi Anga-Dub
2. Solaris-Cuelock- Blueberry Dub
3. Dragonfly (Sub remix)- CJ Weaver-Dub
4. Old Thomas dub- Marginal & Morphy- DubKraft
5. Damaged dub- Diamond EyE- Mjazz LP
6. Horns of jericho - Sub- Dub
7. Dusty Stylus (Fade remix) - Morphy- Free download
8. Dusty stylus- Morphy- Alphacut records
9. Suspension dub- Morphy- Alphacut records
10. Province- Diamond EyE & Spindall- Dub
11. Ubiquity (Bay-B-Kane remix)- Gappa G & Lucky B- Dub
12. Neutrino- Fade- Dub
13. Warrior Charge- Aswad-Island
14. Curvy Figure- Diamond EyE - MJAZZ LP
15. Cetra- Sinistarr- Dub
16. Stuck in the middle- Muted- Dub
17. Lite star (Lo:Tek Refix)- Justice//Metro- MJAZZ
18. Touchfeel (Subminimal remix)- Justice//Metro feat. Momentum- MJAZZ
19. Same shit, different day- Kidkut & Vessel- Immerse
20. Talking late- JRobinson feat.Eraze- Dub