Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nuage - Dream Box EP [Translation Digital]

TRNSLDIGI011: Nuage - Dream Box EP - Out June 7th! by translationrecordings

Nuage - Dream Box EP [Translation Digital]

Nuage & THRN - Don't Exist
Nuage - Feel Me
Nuage - Hold Me Back
Nuage - Volume Cat

Russia's Nuage is fast becoming one of my favourite new producers at the moment. Minimal drum & bass fans will probably already know what to expect here: Deeply experimental vibes and great melodies in one neat package.
But for the uninitiated, we are glad to report his first solo outing (barring the collaboration with countryman THRN) on Washington DC label Translation is anything but lightweight.
The debate over the minimal end of drum & bass may rage on but Nuage is showing himself to be quite the real deal. He doesn't just peddle cliches taken from the dBridge and Instra:mental's Autonomic play book.
Instead, this four-track EP - which will be out in good digital outlets on June 7 - features songs like Don't Exist and Feel Me exude a breathless charm that is - frankly - hypnotic indeed.
At once gritty yet melodic, Dream Box EP maybe hang on to the minimal drum & bass template but thankfully it is also laced with the right amount of spice to keep things interesting.
In other words, this batch of saccharine harmonies is a right treat to the old ear drums. Seek it out.