Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marshal. - Restless EP

After a period of some inactivity, Manifesto Music makes a triumphant return. Having spent the past few months finely tuning our A&R nose and keeping our ears firmly to the ground we are immensely proud to present the debut release this young producer from London town, Marshal. While it is his first appearance on Manifesto Music it is also his first release of any kind which makes us even more honoured to be able to present this to you.

The EP kicks off with the sparse, expansive & experimental sounds of ‘Shy’. Simple bass tones compliment the stuttering, echoing drum hits which create an eerie, tension soaked atmosphere. The mood is flipped 180 degrees with the next track ‘Making Time’. A beautiful piece in the classic ‘liquid’ mould - light, filtered breaks melodic yet melancholy keys and a natural, organic bassline that make comparions with the great Irishman Calibre well and truly justified. The EP is completed with its title track, ‘Restless’. Drawing inspiration from contemporaries such as Stray and Rockwell whilst adding his own unique twist, the airy atmopshere and rolling percussion dont prepare you for the verocious breaks that make fleeting but powerful appearances throughout.

Marshal. - Restless EP by Manifesto Music

Click here for free download (File includes full 320 kbps mp3's, artwork and release notes)