Friday, August 05, 2011

mR_BLACk -Tenderness

mR_BLACk -Tenderness (minimaldnb electronica ambient) by mR_BLACk

Track list:

Freeloader - Mind Rhythm (Hoax Remix)
Sam KDC - Three Point Zero
Venture - I Never Got To Say Goodbye
ASC & Bvdub - Symbol #2.2
Ghosts Of Paraguay - Needing You (Kaiori Breathe Remix)
Phaeleh - Memories Feat. Anneka
Irrelevant - Grains (Myrkur Remix)
Stumbleine - Ember (Sorrow Remix)
Meturi - Lucky Fellow
Aliquo - Like Spirits Drifting Up From The Mountains Into Heaven
Shea D Stedford - Twelve Minutes Past Nineteen
Bop - Extraterrestrial Creatures Are Stealing You From Me From The Bedroom Feat. Bev Lee Harling
B.C.Bird - I So Sleep
Synkro & Indigo - Reflection
Stev'oh - Exploration
Blue Motion - Haunted Forest
Es.Tereo - Excalibur (with Dakosa)
SKV18 - Withdrawal
Felix K - Res Gogitans (Hoax Remix)
Indivision & N4m3 - Other Clouds Feat. Tiiu
Blue Motion - Genetics
JRobinson & Dominic Ridgway - What I Do
Stickman - I Dreamt Music
How To Destroy Angels - A Drowning (Inertia_ Remix)
Delete & Sotus - The Red Wheel
Quantum World - Emotional Response