Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MJAZZ MPOD 026 - Metro

Metro rarely does a mix, one ever couple o' years if you're lucky! but he has found his mojo again and has decided to give it a go!! MPOD 026 is full of his favourite tracks from fellow MJAZZ compatriots...enjoy!!

Track list:

Intro - Permit (District Nine)
Justice featuring Tertius - Asylum Seekers
Felix K - Titan
Muted - Mixed Signals
Fushara - Urbanation
Sinistarr - Pax Romana
Cuelock - Transient
Diamond Eye - Temple Dub
Sight Unseen - Stalkers Theme
Dominic Ridgway - Ketamine
Chris Inperspective - Heather's Hot Waffles
Metro - The Dawn
Sub - Halleluja
Subminimal - Remember
Jason oS - Bears
PFM - One & Only