Friday, March 30, 2012

Rotation Deep Guest Show On BassDrive - 29/3/12 Hosted By Scenic & Advisory

Track list:

Minor Rain - Suns Of Classthor (Dub)
Minor Rain - In My Place (Dub)
Pro Luxe - Give Me Your Heart (Promo)
Act One - Magnum Opus (Dub)
Intersolar - The Spirit Of The Sun - Definitions Of The Deep III (Dub)
Minor Rain - Lonley Ways (Dub)
Minor Rain - Canyon Sunrise (Dub)
Minor Rain - Stay With Me (Dub)
Venture - Nothing Makes Sense Without You (Dub)
Venture - I Never Got To Say Good Bye (Dub)
Venture - As I Held Her In My Arms (Dub)
Venture - The Feelings Still Remain (Dub)
Minor Rain - Terabyte (Dub)
Act One - Symbolic Logic - Definitions Of The Deep III (Dub)
LM1 - First Sunrise Remix (Dub) (Forthcoming Remixes EP April 2012)
SoulTec,Static & Spero - 1939 - Definitions Of The Deep III (Dub)