Saturday, July 21, 2012

RA.EX104 - Doc Scott

The drum and bass legend talks about Music House, Blue Note and more. Doc Scott is a drum & bass legend. With tracks on Reinforced and Metalheadz like "Here Comes The Drumz" and "Shadowboxing," his name ranks among the Goldies and the 4Heros of the world. But hear him tell it, and he's a DJ first and foremost. And that's exactly what he's focused the majority of his attention on throughout his career, spreading the gospel of drum & bass—even when the minimal, rolling style that he is often associated with has fallen out of mainstream favor. Resident Advisor talked earlier this month at his home in Coventry about hallowed institutions like The Music House, where Scott cut his dubs, and The Blue Note, where he had some of his best nights out as a DJ and punter in the '90s at the Metalheadz Sunday Sessions.