Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Phil Tangent 'Restitution' / 'Squaring The Circle' [SOULR059]

Marcus Intalex's favourite new artist of recent times, Phil Tangent, returns to Soul:R this month with his second single "Squaring the Circle" and "Restitution. His debut, "Billie's Smile / Lunar ", proved a discerning and unique musicality to Tangent's sound and demonstrated a level of musical depth, which is com- fortably at home in the Soul:r camp. His new single will solidify the deserved recognition for Phil Tangent's sound - a pitch perfect fusion of the soulful deep with the deep. Its mellow and spaced out vibes may sound odd in the current drum & bass climate, but there are real flashes of brilliance here that is too good to ignore. Out on Dec 10 2012, we can't recommend this enough. Go Seek.