Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chimpo - Frontline EP [Soul:R]

More great new music from Soul:r's home city of Manchester. Chimpo is a local legend, he's been on the underground scene for years, DJ'ing and producing his homemade blend of multi-genre bass infused electronic music.

Also known also for his unique microphone skills, Chimpo's delivery style and wit is something to behold. These four tracks on the Frontline EP - out on July 15 2013 - showcase all of what Chimpo has to offer. A release that will stand out for being different and yet totally devastating on the dance floor. The vinyl release contains a huge remix of the title track, "Frontline", by Calibre that utilises Fox's vocal and flips the sound back to the days of jungle techno. Add also the deadly production unit of Dub Phizix and Skeptical on lead track "Buzzin" and you have a package that's pretty much essential.