Sunday, October 06, 2013

Diffrent presents: GiraffeCast 013

Dexta & Sense return with an hour of music, banter and senseless chit chat... Peter Arkaik called in sick, and Dominic Ridgway got called into cover at work, but luckily Andy Amoss stopped in to grace us with some laughter and DJ skills....

Track list:

Fybe:One "The Last Minute" [Diffrent Dub]
Dominic Ridgway "Wallee Needs Therapy [Diffrent Dub]
Machinedrum "Gunshotta" [Ninja Tune Dub]
Machinedrum "Gunshotta (Om Unit's Rollers VIP)" [Free]
Subnation "Scotty III" [Future Vinyl]
Arkaik "Wax" [Diffrent Dub]
Beepo "No Choice" [Dub]
Amoss "The Shapeshifter (Skeptical Remix)" [Dispatch Dub]
M-Zine & Scepticz x Mtwn "Cobra" [Dub]
M-Zine & Scepticz x Mtwn "Choices" [Diffrent Dub]
Shiver "Forfeit" [Diffrent Dub]
Sam Binga "8 Barr" [Critical Dub]
Dominic Ridgway "You'll Never Be Mine" [Diffrent Dub]
Fre4knc "Black Box" [Break-Fast Dub]
Cursa "Sister P" [Protect Audio Dub]
Sam Binga "Freezy" [Critical Dub]
Conduct "Petrichor" [Code Dub]
Machinedrum "Baby It's You" [Ninja Tune]