Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DTP355 - Klute - Datatransmission

In the world of electronic music sometimes things can all get a bit serious. Anoraks bang on about the catalogue numbers of the 5 releases on minuscule techno labels long since lost as people over analyze the exact meaning of the smallest of details and the inspirations behind it. It is into this atmosphere that we turn to the lighter side of the scene to break up this seriousness and this weeks exclusive podcast comes from a man of whom his biography lists his achievements as being one of the greatest human beings to have walked the earth, being a member of the inter-galactic council of 9 for a number of years and being recently awarded the prestigious role of Minute taker for Brent council narcoleptic society. We’re of course talking about the electronic production and DJing maverick that is Klute.
Head of his own esteemed label Commercial Suicide Klute has also released on many of the most prestigious labels in the world, such as Metalheadz, R:Soul, Hospital, 31 Records, Shogun Audio and Certificate 18 amongst others whilst collaborating with many studio greats too, such luminaries as Lamb, Mogwai, Bis, Natasha Atlas, Harold Budd, Concord Dawn and John Tejada to name but a few.

So with a performance at Basslaced presents A Bunch Of Cuts alongside Calibre, Dbridge and Doc Scott at London’s Fire scheduled in for the 8th of November we thought it was about time we brought the respected techno and drum and bass producer to the DT podcast for his unique take on all things electronic. Now crank up the volume!

Track list:

Nick Bee - Third Entity
Eastcolors - Crispy - Prog:Ram
Mindscape - Space & Time - Eatbrain
Dose - What She Wants - Commercial Suicide
Nymfo - untitled - Commercial Suicide
Seba - Lose Control / Klute - Turnaround - Commercial Suicide
Addison Groove & Sam Bubinga - Rzor (Friction remix) - Shogun
Optiv & BTK - Midnight Nation rmx - Commercial Suicide
BSE - Don't You (State Of Mind dmx) - Blackout
Optiv & BTK - Journey from the Light - Redlight
MIndscape & Chris SU - Swampster (Nymfo rmx) - Commercial Suicide
Detail - Time Stretching - Commercial Suicide
Quadrant - Spinout - Commercial Suicide
Klute - Song For the Broken Hearted - Commercial Suicide
Invaderz - Burning Book Dom & Roland - Outta London - Metalheadz
Optiv & BTK - Zero Tolerance - Dispatch
Mndscape & BTK - Rat Pack - Eatbrain
BSE - Deadhouse (Inside Info & Mefjus Remix) - Blackout