Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jrumhand & Phatplayaz - Bukem In Session Mix

After collaborating together on tracks like 'All That Jazz', Jrumhand and Phatplayaz caught the attention of LTJ Bukem - in short: a legendary player in drum & bass who's predilection for more musical forms lead to him spearheading an entire sub genre of d&b. Whilst continuing to work separately and together (they've had releases on labels like Fokus, Phuzion Digital and, of course, Bukem's Good Looking imprint), Jrumhand and Phatplayaz have been DJing together a lot recently and both returning to one of their first loves in doing so.

Track list:

1. Paul SG - Caragua
2. Random Movement - See You Again [Phuzion]
3. Conspire and Blade - True Pioneers [Soul Deep Recordings]
4. Rowpieces - Jazzmerising [Jazzsticks]
5. Oliver Ferrer - Chasing Summers [Luvdisaster]
6. Paul SG and Carter - Falling Leaves [Good Looking Records]
7. Phatplayaz - Outside
8. Phatplayaz - Revolution
9. Phatplayaz - Having Tea With My Aunt [Storejam]
10. Phatplayaz - Breathe
11. Jrumhand featuring Lady Emz - Basic Intuition
12. Jrumhand - Through the Cosmos [Storejam]
13. Flowrian – Wait For Me [Good Looking Records]
14. Jrumhand - Piano Business [Storejam]
15. Scott Allen and Deeper Connection - Vision Quest [Good Looking Records]
16. MJT and Arp-1 - Invisible Man [Good Looking Records]
17. Blade and Jrumhand - Cascade [Good Looking Records]
18. Jrumhand - Johnny Promise (Mike PFM's Sweardown Bruv Remix) [Phuzion]
19. Jrumhand - We Rise (Soulstructure Remix) [Storejam]