Monday, August 18, 2014

LowRiseRadio #9 CHORNO & GRAPHS [AUGUST 2014]

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Hosted on or WPRK 91.5fm[Orlando, FL.]
Every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month 9pm-11pm[EST]

CHRONO [Open Set]

Heart Drive - Format Affection
Consequence & FIS - Cultural Trauma
Bop - Weird Thing
Jon Convex - With You [Kid Drama Remix]
Heart Drive - Automated L0ve
FIS & Tokyo Prose - The Dares
Theme - Theme 3
Pessimist - Girl Wants A Bisquit
Cern & Overlook - Nevada Ghost
MTWN - Darkened
DBR UK & Structured ft. Amanda Seal - The Storm
Skeptical ft. Collette Warren - Always Been
Dexta & Mauoq - Krave
Subwave - Rain Dance
Fixate - Pum Pum
Chango - WhatITis
Dub Phizix ft. Fox - Never Been
Fracture & Sam Binga - Grippin' Grain
M-Zine & Scepticz, Axon - Shittlecock
DBR UK - Kick'n Ya Door
Coleco - Tryptamine
Fanu - Paracosm
Om Unit - Timelines


Clearlight - Circular Thinking [Subaltern Records]
Danny Scrilla x Om Unit - Hunch (Epoch Remix) [Cosmic Bridge]
Thomas White - Missin' You (BWWWOYS Remix) [Hyperboloid Records]
Dark0 - Sweet Boy Pose (Boxed VIP) [Boxed]
SPF666 - Scorpion Cache (Mike G Remix) [Club Chemtrail Records]
Mumdance - Take Time (feat. Novelist) [Rinse]
Sleeper - Civil War (feat. Jamakabi) [Aquatic Lab Records]
Machinedrum - Diablo [LuckyMe]
Rattraps & Ganz - Flames [Never Slept]
Sideswipe - Bad Habit [Ground Mass]
HomeSick - Want To Put U On [Forthcoming Modern Ruin]
Plot Twist - Fold It (The Renegades Mix) [Forthcoming Dynamix Records]
Fanu - Who Dat [Lightless Recordings]
Mark Kloud - ??? [Dub]
Graphs - ? [Dub]
Jukker - Dream Dust [Ground Mass]
Touchy Subject - Travelling [LowRise Sounds]
House Of Black Lanterns - So Tell Me (To Detroit) [Dub]
Graphs - Schemata [Lifted Contingency]
Hyroglifics - Bun Dem [Mixmag Exclusive]
Calculon & Austin Speed - Get Murked (Deft Remix) [Forthcoming Shoot Recordings]
Om Unit - The Hand [Metalheadz]