Friday, September 26, 2014

Aquasky 'Doing It With The R' - PASA082 (The Reinforced Years)

This is some classic Aquasky biz right here. First released in 1996 by Reinforced Records. Passenger Records head honcho and 1/3 of Aquasky, Brent Newitt, is re-releasing the re masters again for your listening pleasure!

Reinforced were a massive part of Aquasky's history, so its only right these tracks see the light of day again. These Aquasky classics plus a selection of tracks Brent and partner in Aquasky, Dave recorded under the name Spacelink, will be available from all good Digital stores on the 20th October 2014.

You may recognise the Spacelink track 'Timezone' from the classic 1996 Kruder & Dorfmiester 'DJ Kicks' mix Album.

To celebrate the release, Brent has put together a very special DJ mix to celebrate the release. So, get in there and enjoy!

Track list:

1: Brazed ‘Disruption’
2: Funk Effect ‘Dive’
3: 4-L Plus ‘Rock The B’
4: Backdraft ‘You Dont Know Me (Fireteam Mix)’
5: Chris S.U ‘Illusion Of Choice (Instrumental)’
6: DC Breaks ‘Shakedown’
7: Document One (Things Change’
8: Erb N Dub ‘Parallex’
9: Misanthrop ‘Catch 22’
10: Sigma ‘Rudeboy’
11: Wilkinson ft. P Money & Arlissa ‘Heartbeat’
12: Wilkinson ‘Perforation’
13: Eat Rave ‘Soul Children’
14: Ellis Dee & DJ Twista ‘Be The One’
15: Wizard & Manoo ft. Top Cat, Daddy Freddy & Lady Chann ‘Buss It Up’
16: Body & Soul ‘Pop Some’
17: D-Region & Code ft. Trinity Chris ‘Untouchable’
18: Evol Intent & Eye-D ‘Jim Skynner
19: Unknown Error ft. Janine Small ‘Rising’
20: Karton ‘Ready For More (Packer & Rhodes Mix)’
21: Disaszt ‘Till The Sun Comes Up’