Friday, September 26, 2014

Data Transmission Exclusive Mix: Ena

One of the most exciting new additions to the prestigious Samurai Music roster, Tokyo's Ena has crafted a sound entirely his own, opening doors into dark, experimental planes of music. A major player on the Japanese underground scene for over a decade, his forward-thinking productions, for the likes of 7even Recordings, Samurai Horo and CX:Digital, permeate the edges of drum & bass, becoming something more, something raw.

His debut album, Binaural, is due out through Samurai's Horo imprint - a breeding ground of innovative producers such as ASC, FIS and Sam KDC - on October 27th. Promising to move further into "uncharted sonic and rhythmic territory," the album offers harsh textures and grim, organic beats, often put together with found sounds. In a interesting and unique move, the tracklist for the vinyl 2x12" LP is totally different from its CD and digital counterparts, with 12 totally separate and exclusive tracks. The CD tracklist has already been revealed, however we've secured a first look at the LP release.

This mix is full to the brim with dusty, extraterrestrial atmospheres and obscure percussion, let Ena induct you into the way of the Samurai!

Track list:

01. ASC &S am KDC - Rebuilt_From_Nothing (Auxiliary)
02. ENA - Squash (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
03. ENA - Deluge (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
04. FelixK - Flower Of Destruction (Hidden Hawaii)
05. Dan HabarNam - One (Cylon)
06. ENA - Halation (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
07. Sam KDC - Erosion (Samurai Horo)
08. ASC - Ashen (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
09. ENA - Precipice (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
10. ENA & ShinsK - Schwarzwald (Unreleased)
11. ENA - Behind The Loops (Samurai Horo)
12. Sam KDC - Immolate (forthcoming Auxiliary)
13. ENA - ???
14. ENA - Recapitulate (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
15. ENA - Reconnoiter (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
16. ENA - Red (Samurai Horo)
17. Indigo - Tethys (Samurai Horo)
18. ENA - Bug Hole (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
19. ENA - Untitled (Unreleased)
20. Kiyoko - Archways (forthcoming Samurai Horo)