Friday, October 07, 2011

LWE Podcast 99: Juan Atkins

Forming part of the very bedrock of techno, Juan Atkins’ influence on the past thirty years of electronic music is truly immeasurable. His first musical venture, Cybotron, with Rick Davis birthed such classics as “Alleys of your Mind,” “Cosmic Cars” and “Clear,” records which laid the foundations for what would become Detroit techno. On his own as Model 500, Atkins surged forward with his particular vision of electro and techno, releasing further classics in “No UFO’s,” “Night Drive” and “Starlight” among others. Together with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson the three were responsible not just for a dazzling array of records, labels and aliases, but for creating a movement, a culture, part of music history. There is not much to say that hasn’t already been said about these pioneers of techno, so instead LWE tracked down Atkins to talk about new Model 500 material, some of his early influences and the music that he created that has come to define electronic music. He also provided us with our exclusive 99th podcast, which shows that after thirty years he’s still a vital part of the scene he helped to create. (via Little White Earbuds)


Track list:

1. Wehbba, “The Speech” (Samuel L. Session Remix) [Tronic]
02. Trevor Loveys, “Stay In Love” [Jack Union Records]
03. Lee Burridge, “Here’s Johnny” [Leftroom]
04. Smash TV, “World Wide Wet” [Leena Music]
05. John Selway, “Interplanetary Express” [Tronic]
06. Derek Plaslaiko, “Raw Jam” (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Perc Trax]
07. Room 10, “RM07.1″ (Pattrix Phiorio Remix) [Retrometro]
08. Marco Effe, “Zenheiser” [Break New Soil]
09. Carl Craig, “DJ-Kicks (The Track)” [Studio !K7]
10. Shlomi Aber, “Tap Order” [Ovum Recordings]
11. Internullo, “Taifas” (Alex Celler Dub) [Yellow Tail]
12. Shlomi Aber & DJ Sneak, “After Touch” (DJ Sneak Version) [Be As One]
13. Solid Gold Playaz, “Next Faze Of The Game” [Real Estate Records]
14. Skeet, “Come Back Raw” [Monaberry]