Monday, April 08, 2013

Queensway - Run / Healing (Out now on Blu Mar Ten Music)

Its time for a new release on the ever impressive Blu Mar Ten Music label, this time brought to you by Ukrainian newcomer Queensway. He's pulled off a great release, conjuring two slices of aural bliss that the label has described as "deeply romantic".

But that's no record company hyperbole. This single sees hints of deep house, low strung guitars and ambient weaved into Queensway's patch work of 170BPM melodies, resulting in truly epic sounds. Run starts off with a blissful collage of bleeps and arch synths while gentle bell motifs reveal a darkly sexy groove. The flip track Healing is a more downtempo affair, dissecting elements of house, while the bubbling percussion and sliding bass line all results in a truly layered and complex outing.

Available on vinyl and digital download HERE, this is - in short - an extraordinary collection.