Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blu Mar Ten - Famous Lost Words

They need little introduction. For those familiar with LTJ Bukem's Good Looking imprint back in the mid 1990s may remember Blu Mar Ten from those heady days. But their second coming came circa 2009 after establishing Blu Mar Ten Music. Soon, they released the albums Natural History (2009) and Love is the Devil (2011).

This month sees the arrival of their latest album, Famous Lost Words.

Featuring 13 tracks of pure and unapologetic drum & bass, the album inhabits a similar territory to the previous two; full of emotional movements fused with tough beats that reinforce BMT’s position in the genre as originators of complex, atmospheric music. 

Famous Lost Words' 71 minute duration also features a collection of collaborators. ‘Thin Air’ layers the alluring vocals of Robert Manos atop a bed of whirling synths and rolling bass. Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Agné Genyté, injects a dose of soothing lullaby tones into ‘Somewhere’, ‘Break It All Apart’ and ‘In Your Eyes’, while long-time friend and label mate Seba makes an appearance on ‘Hunter’, whose growling bass and Bladerunner synths play to the strengths of both artists.

Stunningly beautiful from start to finish, Famous Last Words is easily one of the year's best albums. Go get it.

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