Friday, May 09, 2014

Calibre In The Mix - British Council Show 666 (May 2014)

Show 666 - Calibre In The Mix by British Council

Calibre is Dominick Martin, a drum and bass producer originally from Belfast who's been producing tracks since 1995. His first release was for the now defunct label Quadraphonic, owned by none other than U2! Over the course of his career he's released 10 abums, more full length releases than any other drum and bass artist. His most recently album Shelflife 3 came out in March on his own label Signature Recordings, so the British Council thought they'd get him In The Mix.

Track list:

Calibre – Erode (Signature Recordings)
Calibre - Rooftops (Signature Recordings)
Calibre - Love Worn Soul (Signature Recordings)
Calibre & Marcus Intalex - Bluesday PM (Signature Recordings)
Calibre - To And Fro (Signature Recordings)
Calibre - Hold The Light (Signature Recordings)
David Boomah - Typical Description (Calibre Remix) (BC Recordings)
Calibre - Sick Of It All (Signature Recordings)