Thursday, May 01, 2014


Luke Vibert has been releasing music since the early ’90s, drawing from the approach and aesthetics of UK hardcore, hip-hop and acid house, and charting a course across several pseudonyms – including Wagon Christ and Plug, two of Vibert’s most celebrated projects that are still trucking today (both released records - Toomorrow and Back On Time, respectively – as recently as 2011).

Vibert has long been a slave to acid house, even championing the We Love Acid clubnight featured in FACT last week (named after a 2003 single of Vibert’s, ‘I Love Acid’), and Ridmik is described as a “very personal project”, with the TB-303 “providing a common thread throughout the eleven tracks”.

Vibert’s FACT mix isn’t quite acid all the way, but it does draw from oddball electro, classic hip-hop and, yes, 303 funk – the sort of things that Vibert fans are sure to love.

Hypercolour will release Ridmik on April 7 2014.

Track list:

01. Fee Fi Fo Fum – L E O
02. Trans-Europe Express – Kraftwerk
03. Ventolin [Marazanvose Mix] – Aphex Twin
04. The Dance Electric – Andre Cymone & Prince
05. The Sound Of Music – Dayton
06. Spin Time – Trouble Funk
07. Cruel – The Men
08. Seargent Disco – Pierre Dutour
09. Berrios Beats – Carlos Berrios
10. On Our Way To ? – Blancmange
11. Security – The Beat Club
12. Git Loose – Devastator
13. Movement – S.L. Troopers
14. I Am Electro – DHS
15. The Big Showdown – Ghosties
16. Cold House – Blapps Posse
17. Zoooommm – Jeuce
18. Pre-Dawn Chaos – Flag