Friday, May 23, 2014


The authors of the mix are Andrew Bowen and Dimitri Ploumpidis, publicly known as AnD, electronic music producers, sound designers and Djs based in Manchester. Bowen is originally from Belfast and Ploumpidis is from Thesaloniki but they both have distinct temperaments matured by their completely different social and cultural environments. While one is very impatient, the other one is extremely calm and relaxed. However, this kind of situation adds more color and sensation into their unexpectedly harmonious collaboration. Bowen started collecting records and went to various “raves” in the late 90s and this was probably the essential turning point in his career that indirectly lead him to meet Ploumpidis, who had a great interest in D.I.Y. electronic instruments as he is a certificated designer of electronic circuits. The duo’s paths crossed when they were studying music production at the School of Sound Recording. Step by step they have developed their unique moving sound, permeated with industrial music motives and quickly immersed into intense world of techno. The last 5 years were enormously productive for the duo, they have released numerous records on such conceptual and constantly growing labels as Electric Deluxe, Modal Analysis, Geoff Presha’s Samurai Horo, Black Sun Records, Repitch Recordings, Horizontal Ground and others. Recently they have opened Inner Surface Music, a 100% vinyl imprint to release other artists’ promising recordings.
nD’s personal production stands on the powerful and dense sound dynamics, reasonable distortions and colossal rhythm structures. They are exploring the limitations of computer generated music and also include a wide palette of sounds generated with diverse analog synths, drum machines and effect blocks. Important to mention that some of the devices are constructed on the basis of D.I.Y. principles, and this gives more authenticity to their whole musical identity. Ploumpidis in one of the interviews about AnD’s music production concept stated that “there is calm before the storm” and we should say that this is a very scenic explanation which unveils why their embossed compositions, balancing between tough beats and the elegance of background ambiance, are so manoeuvrable and at some parts have beatless moments similar to soundtracks used in theater. Their prominent and critically acclaimed EPs such as “Bow”, “FVS” or “Kundalini” are a good start to familiarize with AnD’s musical intention and philosophy. It is also important to say that the duo often tours across the globe – Berghain, Fasma Festival or Boiler Room are only a few grand places where the listener could catch them performing live.
AnD wasn’t following ideas of their previous mixes for Electric Deluxe or Resident Advisor. They took an alternative direction and put together more eclectic mix full of splendid musical treasures to reveal their profound personalities. “Secret Thirteen Mix 116” is an enigmatic and subtly thrilling audio compilation weaving 27 abyssal and scenic records released between 1975 and 2014. This mix includes a wide spectre of music by such gifted musicians as Peder Mannerfelt, Ø, Muslimgauze, Cabaret Voltaire, Chris & Cosey, Jeff Mils and others. Patient and accurate mixing followed by the thoughtful emotional and structural development creates a continuous wholeness and also clearly shows AnD’s precision, dexterity, understanding of aesthetics and attentiveness to even the smallest details. John Cato’s abstract photograph “Double concerto #13” could easily be placed in parallel with AnD’s mix, as both of them hold the weight of systematic chaos and artistic effect, and forces to design countless of interpretations in the subconsciousness.

Track list:

01. Kontakt Der Jünglinge – Kontakt Der Jungline 0 [Die Stadt. 2001]
02. Jeff Mills – Introduction – Phase 1-3 [Axis, 2011]
03. Imaginary Softwoods – Untitled (10) [Wagon, 2008]
04. Chris & Cosey – The Giants Feet [Rough Trade/Conspiracy International, 1982]
05. Pupol Vuh – Aguirre I (Haswell and Hecker Remix) [Editions Mego, 2008]
06. Muslimgauze – Untitled 2 Azzazin [Staalplaat, 1996]
07. Peder Mannerfelt – Alpha Waves [Digitalis Recordings, 2014]
08. Ø [Phase] – Madlab [Token, 2014]
09. Kondaktor – Signal#1″ (ANFS Remix) [Modal Analysis, 2014]
10. The Whirling Hall Of Knives – The Fire Of The Eye [Nute Records, 2014]
11. Spatial – Dubfiction Runout (Channel 5) [Broken20, 2013]
12. Bee Mask – Fried Niteshades [Spectrum Spools, 2012]
13. Prostitutes – The Steady Sale Of Junk [Stabudown, 2012]
14. This Heat – 24 Track Loop [These Records, 1979]
15. Portion Control – Suck And Blow [Third Mind Records, 1983]
16. Gruppo D’Improvvisazione – Eflot [Cinevox, 1975]
17. Ø – Syvänteessä Pukinjalkaisen [Sahko Recordings, 2014]
18. Angus Tarnawsky – Tour Maline [Inner Surface Music, 2014]
19. Valanx – Daughters Of The Everfire [SonuoS, 2013]
20. Bernard Parmegiani – Pleins Et Déliés [Recollection GRM, 1976]
21. Cabaret Voltaire – Photophobia [Rough Trade, 1979]
22. ZymOsiZ – Intro [Zhark Recordings, 2001]
23. Mecanica Popular – Visibilidad Cero [Grabaciones Accidentales, 1987]
24. Time Machines – 7-Methoxy-β-Carboline: (Telepathine) [Eskaton, 1998]
25. Grey Branches – Lower Bounds [Inner Surface Music, 2014]
26. Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey – Under Press Of Sail [Snatch Tapes, 1980]
27. Streetwalker – Sun Song [Cititrax, 2013]