Tuesday, October 05, 2010


2010 Fall mix Agzilla by Agzillaone

Track list:

White Light - Joe Syntax (Different Music)
The Lycaon - Furi Anga (Qilin Dub)
Grizzly Hills - Flatliners & Sublime Porte (Dub)
Bleak - Data & Dynamic (Horizons Music)
Last to Liv - InZtance (Dubplate)
Above The Rim (Naibu Remix) - Madmen & Poets (Fokuz Dub)
Masquerade - Lenzman (Metalheadz Dub)
Full Circle - Rockwell (Shogun Audio)
Thrust - Calibre (Samurai Red Seal)
Convictions feat Key - Naibu (Rubik Records Dub)
Star (Zero T Remix) - All Thieves (Footprint Music)
Frisbee V.I.P - DBR UK & Flatliners (Dub)
Heal Us All (Naibu Remix)- K-Dan (Dub)
Before I Can Breath- Seba & Physics(Dub)
Painted Smile - Commix (Metalheadz)
Principles - InZtance (Dub)
Shoot First- BTK & Mindscape (Subtitles)
Make or Break - Outrage (Backlash Dub)
Abducted - Marukomu (Broken Audio Dub)
Ode in the Back - Sub (Misspent Music)
Global Influenze- Diamond Eye(Broken Audio Dub)
Troubled Soul - DBR UK (Dub)
Medallion- Need for Mirrors (Dub)
Down by the Riverside - Mad Rabbit(Broken Audio Dub)
Mind State - DBR UK(Dub)
More Than I Can Take - Lenzman (Modulations)
Proceed (Sinistarr Hollywood Vice Remix) - Pessimist (Dub)
Lectrons - Joe Syntax (Qilin Dub)
Featherweight - Ulterior Motive (Subtitles)
Definite - A-Sides feat. Break(Eastside Records )
Le Crepuscule - Naibu (Horizonz Music)
Libra- Joe Syntax (Different Music)
Cabin Phever - Beta 2 (Footprints Music)
Venus and Mars - Calibre (Signature Music )
The Day When Earth Cried - Furi Anga (Plush Recordings)
Thugtronik - Instra:Mental (Exit)
New Faces - Outrage (Backlash Dub)
War - Shapeshifter (Broken Audio Dub)
Gallows - Need For Mirrors(Shogun LTD Dub)
Bedlam - Optiv & Markc4c (Cause for Concern Dub)
The Viper - Raiden (OffKey)
It Get´s Rough Sometimes - BTK & Meth (Renegade Hardware Dub)
Samcro - Bulletproof (Soundtrack for Forever)