Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LWE Podcast 57: 2562 vs A Made Up Sound

Dave Huismans has certainly been a busy man. After last year’s excellent Unbalance LP as 2562 he founded his own label A Made Up Sound as well as issued a one-off twelve as Blackout. Untethered by tempo and genre restrictions, Huismans injects loads of funk into kinetic tracks that detune and contort around technicolor synths and shattered beats. We caught up with Huismans to chat about his recent activity, the difference between his monikers, as well as some of his current favorites. He also provided our exclusive 57th podcast, full of fresh and exciting cuts from all corners of dance music.

Track list:

01. WNCL, “Mrs Fingers” (Quantec Remix) [WNCL]
02. Instra:mental, “Rubba” [Swamp81]
03. Martyn vs Mike Slott, “Untitled” [white*]
04. T.Williams, “Chop & Screw” [Deep Teknologi Records]
05. Cosmin TRG, “Bijoux” [white*]
06. Breach, “Fatherless” [PTN]
07. A Made Up Sound, “Rear Window” [Delsin]
08. Skudge, “Overture” [Skudge]
09. Will Saul & Mike Monday, “Sequence 1″ (Scuba Remix) [Aus Music]
10. F, “Slowdown” [white*]
11. Boddika, “You Tell Me” [Darkestral]
12. Lone, “Pineapple Crush” [Magic Wire]
13. D-Bridge, “ZX81″ (Shed Remix) [Fat City]
14. Ramadanman, “Space Dance” [white*]
15. Wax, “No-20002″ (Pinch Remix) [white]
16. Basic Soul Unit, “Jak’d Freq” (A Made Up Sound Acid Bonus)
[Crème Organization]
17. Studio 1, “Rosa 1″ [Studio 1]
18. D.I.E., “Detroit Technobass” [M.A.P.]
19. Addison Groove, “Sexual” [white*]
20. A Made Up Sound, “Extra Time” [A Made Up Sound]
* denotes tracks which, as of the time of publishing, are unreleased