Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LWE Podcast 61: Sepalcure

It’s one thing to be excited about music from your hometown. It’s quite another to find out that some of the most exciting dance music on the shelves right now, in your humble opinion, was made quite literally down the street from you. When I met Praveen Sharma this past summer, we initially bonded over living on the same street just a few blocks from each other. When a mutual friend pulled me aside and said, “You’re talking to one of the Sepalcure dudes,” I was shocked I hadn’t heard any woozy, loved-up bass coming in through my back window. (Finding out that the other Sepalcure dude, Travis Stewart, had spent a chunk of his musical formative years in my hometown in Florida blew my mind a bit as well.) A collaboration between old friends and New York dance music veterans, Sepalcure very quickly moved from casual side-project to Hotflush-approved, extremely-hotly-tipped “lovestep” juggernaut. After a recent taping of Bless Up! at Brooklyn’s famed Halcyon record shop, I sat down with Sepalcure to find out how it all came together. The boys were also kind enough to provide us with an aural accompaniment to the interview — an exclusive, edit-heavy mix of the sort of tender house, fiesty bass, and Sepalcure sounds that’s perhaps best enjoyed with a smooth Malbec and that special someone.

Track list:

01. Kenny Larkin, “Breathe” [Peacefrog Records]
02. Twerk, “Kiu Kiu” [Mille Plateaux]
03. Shed, “Warped Mind” [Ostgut Ton]
04. Michaux, “12£ Ute-No” []
05. Scuba, “On Deck” (FaltyDL Remix) [Hotflush Recordings]
06. Velour, “Kick it Til it Breaks” [Night Slugs]
07. The Hundred in the Hands, “Pigeons” (Blawan’s Bare Bones Remix)
[Warp Records]
08. Distal & HxdB, “Typewriter Tune” (VIP Mix) [white*]
09. Spatial, “100505″ [Infrasonics]
10. Sistol, “On the Bright Side” (Scuba’s Brighter Side Remix)
[Halo Cyan Records]
11. Millie & Andrea, “Gunshot” (Stripped) [Daphne]
12. Neat, “Lime & Sugar” [Airflex Labs]
13. Icicle, “Anything” [Tempa]
14. Commix, “Be True” (Burial Remix) [Metalheadz]
* denotes tracks which, as of the time of publishing, are unreleased