Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cooh: Perkussive Music Podcast 6

For fans of the harder stuff comes this mix by Cooh.

[PERK-DNB-PODCAST006] Cooh by Perkussiv Music

Track list:

01. Current Value feat Snow - The Power Target (Cooh mashup)
02. The Sect - Inside Your Mind [PERKUSSIV Dub]
03.Lucio De Rimanez & Forbidden Society - Anarchy [PERKUSSIV Dub]
04.Ogonek - 014 [Metafiziq]
05.The Sect - Turrican (Cooh remix) [forthcoming PERK-DNB009 --> OUT on Feb 22nd]
06.Lethal - Polymorph [PERKUSSIV Dub]
07.Cooh - Hurricane
08.The Sect - Unseen [PERKUSSIV Dub]
09.Cooh - Castel [PERKUSSIV Dub]
10.Pyro - Behind The Low [PERKUSSIV Dub]
11.Lucio De Rimanez & Forbidden Society - Anarchy (Katharsys remix) [PERKUSSIV Dub]
12.Dextems - Boogie Droid [forthcoming PERK-DNB010]
13.Broken Note&Cooh - Milk The Rat
14.Katharsys - Turrican Rage (Cooh mashup) [forthcoming PERK-DNB009 --> OUT on Feb 22nd]
15.Cooh - Protokral
16.Cooh - Teran (PRSPCT)
17.T-Psy - Arsenic (Suspect Device)
18.Each Of Gerdan (Cooh Mashup)
19.Current Value - Hit Man (Subviolenz)
20.Limewax&Cooh - Sperm In Space
21.Linking Hardcore Flow (Cooh mashup)
22.Counterstrike & Donny - Tear Your Soul Apart (Cooh remix)
23.Dean Rodell & Cooh - Medicine(Position Chrome)
24.Lethal - Darkslider [PERKUSSIV Dub]
25.Temper D & Cooh - Snow Storm