Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mr Foul - All Mr Foul Mix [EDJ Exclusive]

Mr Foul - All Mr Foul Mix [EDJ Exclusive] by everyday junglist

Mr Foul rolling a 30 minute selection of his own productions as part of his feature on everyday junglist. Read more HERE.

Track list:

1. Pause For Thought [Unsigned]
2. My Road w/ Dom Ridgway & eleven8 [Silk Recordings]
3. Living Without You [Influenza Minus]
4. Hold On [Southpaw Records]
5. Jah Victory w/ Flatliners [Foundation X]
6. Visage Of War [Vampire Records]
7. Rude Boy Town [DSCI4]
8. Land Of Look Behind [DSCI4]
9. Deepest Secret [DSCI4]
10. Cruella [DSCI4]
11. Jah Inside [Channel 82]