Thursday, February 17, 2011

They Live - Cancel Standard [EXITLP007] Exit Records

They Live - Cancel Standard [EXITLP007] Exit Records *LP Preview* by stholdings

Released on 12" Vinyl / CD on 28th March 2011.

Exit Records bring a new project to the table with a collaboration between Consequence and Joe Seven. Consequence made his debut on Exit in 2009 with his highly acclaimed album ‘Live For Never’ capturing the attention of electronica fans world-wide with his organic and unique take on Drum n Bass. Also having been a staple part of the Autonomic camp since day one, he’s slowly but surely developing his sound and delving deeper into the unknown. This time he teams up with another new Exit artist Joe Seven (who has an imminent solo single) and together they have created the They Live alias to showcase what happens when these two minds meet in the studio.
The album is very much intended to be listened to in the order it has been presented, as a whole body of music meant to capture your senses and lead you across a soundscape of atmospheres, textures, differing tempos and a variety of percussion elements.
In the same way as a silent movie can stimulate your sense of hearing, Cancel Standard does the opposite like an imageless movie, giving you the soundtrack and letting you imagine your own visual elements. Each track sets its own scene that is part of the bigger picture, creating a body of music that can offer the listener detachment from their immediate surroundings and escapism into an alternate reality.