Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aphrodite - classics for download

It's safe to say Aphrodite is one of my early drum & bass favourites, so much that I had a hand in booking him to play here in Singapore in 1999.

Aphrodite's brand of jump-up may not sway diehards today, but there's no denying that his sets pricked many ears, drawing them into this musical form we call drum & bass.

The DJ has recently made some of his classics tunes available free for download via his Soundcloud page, fine time again to check out - in my opinion - one of the unsung heroes of the genre.

DJ Aphrodite / Amazon II - Deep In The Jungle (1994) by DJ Aphrodite

DJ Aphrodite - Bomber (1995) by DJ Aphrodite

DJ Aphrodite / Amazon II - Beat Booyaa! - Orginal Remix (1994) by DJ Aphrodite

DJ Aphrodite - Tower Bass (1996) by DJ Aphrodite

Ganja Man (Original Mix) (2000) by DJ Aphrodite

Woman That Rolls (1996) by DJ Aphrodite