Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wagon Christ Exclusive Mix (URB Podcast)


Via URB: You know it can’t get anymore exclusive when you get a podcast from one of the most adventurous and expansive producers on the planet: Luke Vibert. Ultimately one of the most prolific and elaborate auteurs of the electronic world, Vibert has created tracks that delve between the worlds of jazz, funk, disco, hip-hop and tweak-crazy acid house. Always appreciative of his influences and a sterling sample-picker, Luke Vibert and his many alter-egos have one thing in common: their love for the entire notion of what makes a tune whole. From the drum patterns, to the synth, tweaks and finally the layering of samples, Vibert is truly one of the more remarkable producers of our time. While listening to this fantasticly eclectic mix, pick up his new record under his Wagon Christ guise, called Toomorrow out now on Ninja Tune.

Track list:

1. Glass Domain – Hiccups
2. Most Wanted – Calm Down
3. Dynamix II – Purple Beats
4. Doug E Fresh – Nuthin’
5. Original Concept – Knowledge Me
6. Tripple B Co. feat. General Jo And The Intergalactic Empire – The Base Rock
7. Raw From China – The Omen
8. Ceephax – Boppa Dago
9. John Eaton & His Syn-Ket – Bone Dry
10.Ralph Carmichael – Switchblade Theme
11.Meat Beat Manifesto – Electro The Robot [DHS Remix]
12.Intelligent Hoodlum – Arrest The President
13.John Murtaugh – Slinky
14.The Mover – Rat-Trap
15.Sky Joose – Tales Of Darkness
16.Dubtronix – Promise Land
17.Jean-Jacques Perrey et Gilbert Sigrist – Le Fugitif
18.Michal Urbaniak – Paratyphus B