Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naibu - "Japan Relief" FREE EP

Via Subtle Audio:

We like working with French producer Naibu here at Subtle Audio and have been lucky to release some quality music from him over the years, including "Theme From Harajuku Station", "Nightscape" and "The Cycle Theme". When he approached us with an idea to raise money for the victims of the Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan recently we were only too happy to oblige him. It was on this date last month that the natural disaster claimed the lives of many and the fallout continues to affect those left homeless following the coastal destruction. The earthquake also caused damage to the Fukishima Dai-ichi nuclear plant and many who lived in its vicinity have had to evacuate their homes.

This 4 track EP was compiled to raise awareness of the continued need for assistance in Japan within the electronic music community and Naibu invites you to contribute sums, little or large, to the Red Cross relief fund. In case you hadn't heard, the Red Cross is an agency that collects donations and puts the money to work in a practical way in areas affected by disaster. Click here to see how the money is being put to use. Donations to the cause can be made by visiting this web page :

Naibu's - "Japan Relief" EP is available to download for free here :