Friday, September 09, 2011

FACT mix 281: John Heckle

Via FACT: FACT mix 281 is a slamming live session by John Heckle, a Liverpool artist who’s fast-becoming the new great white hope for those who like their house and techno music heady, psychedelic and raw.

We’re yet to run a review of Heckle’s new album, The Second Son , but trust us when we say it’s a beauty. Released on Jamal ‘Hieroglyphic Being’ Moss’s Mathematics label, The Second Son is a glorious trip through rugged house, demented acid, tweaked ambient and at one point (the unforgettable ‘The Voyager’, which also features on this mix) peak-time disco. It’s heavily indebted to classic Chicago, of course, but more than that it plays out like an unstoppable stream of self-discovery from a musician immersed in various aspects of the past.

Heckle’s gone all out for his FACT mix, so we’ll let the man himself explain. “I’ve done a special live studio performance for you, using a [Roland TR-]707 in tap mode, a Roland Juno G, a Juno 106, an Alesis Microverb 4, a Roland SP-404 and a Mackie Profx12. Every track is sequenced live and includes live keys, and tracks are bridged live with short 707 drum solos [one thing you’ll notice about Heckle, he’s got a Hell of a way with those 707 toms]. Tracks performed include ‘What Once Was’, ‘Voyager’, ‘Life on Titan’, ‘Lunik (The Dream)’, ‘4th Dimension’, ‘Ahead of Time’ and ‘R136’, as well as some tracks yet to be released and a couple of untitled jams.”