Thursday, August 16, 2012

dBridge - 5 hour set [Fabriclive from 3rd August 2012]

Via Everyday Junglist: In the ever crowded digital world of infinite musical choice that we live in it is almost unheard of to hear such a long set outisde of the realms of German techno clubs. Drum and bass particularly has for a long time been guilty of not allowing DJ's time and space to express their artform, instead chosing to cram as many names onto line ups in the vain hope of attracting bigger crowds and more hype.

Thankfully there are some lonely bastions out there flying the flag in the face of adversity and a couple of weeks ago, standard bearer of the scene dBridge took the bull by the horns in Fabric's third room for a five, yes five hour set! When you consider the quality of his DJ sets that range from groundbreaking mid 90's dnb through to the wonkiest of contemporary electronica and everything in between, this was surely not one to be missed.

Duely understood by somebody, the set was streamed live online and some brave soul made the effort to record the whole thing!

Download here