Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blu Mar Ten - Love is the Devil Remixes

The third and final installment of the Love is the Devil Remixes is out today, featuring reworkings from Spearhead Records boss BCee and Ukrainian boy wonder Sunchase. Accentuating the original’s choral and melodic components, Bcee blends a brand new vocal line into shimmering synths and melancholy keys, underpinning it all with his trademark ultra-warm bass work and loping breaks sprinkled with vinyl crackle. Meanwhile, Sunchase takes Damage in a significantly darker and direction, piling growling bass on top of growling bass before lashing out the breaks. Whispering voices haunt the breakdown before giving way to dark metal stabs and a frenetic drop to die for.Excellent reworkings both of them, this is one for the collection. Go seek.

Buy on vinyl with free mp3 from the Blu Mar Ten store.