Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fade - Vocal Drum and Bass Selection 2012

Track list:
Drs - Soul Remembers (feat Dub Phizix & Fox)
Anile feat Codebreaker - Start Again
Mondeya - From Hell (Konichi remix)
Xtrax feat Codebreaker - Set The Levels
Fade feat 2SHY - Leader of The Consequence DBR UK feat MC Fokus - Above The Slums
Jubei feat Flowdan - Say Nothing
DRS - Bun Ya (feat Dub Phizix, Strategy, Fox, Skittles, Chimpo, Konny Kon & T Man)
Alix Perez feat Foreign Beggars - The Cut Deepens
Basher feat Xtrah & Tactical Thinking - Scripture
Audio feat Stapleton - Fall Back
Fathom - Clear The Mist
Lynx and Hellrazor feat Kemo - How You Move Me
Drs feat Lenzman , Jehst & Ria - Holding On
Spectrasoul feat dBridge - Glimpse
Icicle feat DRS - Bitter Taste
Break feat SP:MC - Between The Lines
Ulterior Motive feat Codebreaker - It's ON
Jade feat Ryme Tyme - Smashface
Prolix feat MC Coppa - On Like That