Saturday, August 24, 2013

ASC - Programme 01 EP [AUXILIARY]

Auxiliary's owner and lead producer ASC doesn't need introducing to most, but for those new to his work, witness a true musical visionary of the electronic music scene who has carved his own distinctive path year after year, enjoying noted success across multiple genres and sub genres. ASC's progression has been unequivocally unique and can be felt with each release on his own and a plethora of respected labels. Programme 01 reveals where ASC is at right now, here on Auxiliary.

* Solemnity – Industrial tones kick the EP off with a building, beaty track packed with detail and intrigue, thumping steadily with an eerie atmosphere before 808 subs and smooth vocal samples take over in an impressive directional shift sure to turn your already nodding head, as ASC again challenges the conventions of what we traditionally expect from 170bpm music.

* Fulcrum – Futurist space-funk is the order of the day here, with Fulcrum perpetuating a moody, melodic exploration of synths and echoed snares, laced with clinical effects, basslines and 80's sci-fi infused euphony. A true delight.

* Wave Upon Wave – A stunning piece set to stabby electro hits and muffled kickdrums, Wave Upon Wave is a beautifully crafted slice of atmospheric techno, if it can be classified at all. Purposeful, earthy bass tones maintain a swift pace throughout.

* Lone Star – Rounding off the EP is the bass-heavy Lone Star, pounding through an often melancholic landscape with an intricately crafted beat. A highlight here is the juxtaposed yet perfectly placed xylophone accompaniment, playfully developed over washing vocals and synths.

Words by Chris Hayes.

Release/catalogue number: AUX009
Release date: Sep 2, 2013