Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DJ Weekly Podcast: Justin Robertson

It's fair to say that Justin Robertson is a bit of leg-end. Working behind the counter of record shop Eastern Bloc in Manchester in the early '90s, he's gone on to perform on Top of the Pops as Lionrock, remixed acts like Bjork and the Happy Mondays, and played everything from dub to techno at the world's finest nightspots. His latest production project as The Deadstock 33s, following aliases such as Gentleman Thief and Revtone, mixes up gritty post-punk disco leftism with a house, techno and electro edge, exactly what you'll find on this podcast.

Track list:

1.Will Self - 'The Happy Detective Pt. 4'
2.Headless Ghost - 'Basik Fire'
3. Crimea X - 'Floordance Track'
4. Leonidas Kay Suzuki - 'Momentum'
5. Eddie Mercury - 'All Night Mercury'
6. Future Four - 'Into Orbit (Dark Circles Remix)'
7. Eskimo Twins - 'Modechine'
8. Mome - 'Mr Raw'
9. Markus Gibb - 'Frenzy (Divinie Sound Remix)'
10. Sanfuentes - 'TV Ghost'
11. Artu feat Jerry The Cat - 'Nuclear Funk'
12. Eddie Mercury - 'La Bilirrubina'
13. Alejandro Paz - 'Lavapies'
14. Sanfuentes - 'Phantom Power (Split Secs Remix)'
15. Dan Beaumont - 'Trippy Pumper (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix)'
16. Fini Tribe - 'De Testimony (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix)'
17. Le Carousel - 'Away (Ivan Smagghe Remix)'
18. Mr Fingers - 'Stars'