Monday, August 19, 2013

Tim Reaper's Guest Mix For The After Party

Via Tim Reaper: I was asked to do a 60 minute mix for a US radio show called "The After Party" on a station called C89.5 FM Seattle ( and this is the outcome. It's a real mixture of some old jungle, some new forthcoming jungle, some early 2000s D&B, some recent D&B, some D&B dubs I've been sent and even some juke/footwork to keep it interesting. ;)

Acid Lab - Decoded [Dust Audio]
Roni Size & DJ Die - 11:55 [Full Cycle]
Percussive P - Discipline Child [Dub]
Tim Reaper - Step With [Dub]
Sam KDC - The Iron Gate (Silent Dust Remix) [Eternia Music Dub]
Dwarde - Thought [Dub]
Concept 2 - Soon Come [Liftin' Spirit]
Kid Lib - Lost In Tokyo [Kid Lib's Bandcamp]
Jonny L - This Time (Jonny L & Roni Size Mix) [XL]
Broodlings - Two, Three [Embassy]
Vega, Pessimist & Cooper - Scanners [Dub]
Overlook - Discord [Dub]
Clarity - Cold Blank [Samurai Music]
Breakage - Hindsight [Bassbin]
Stranjah - Changeling [Architecture]
Tim Reaper - Say Goodbye (Early Mix) [Dub]
Flatliners & Mental Forces - Stand Alone Rudie (Parallel Remix) [Dub]
Simon Bassline Smith - Music & Life (Total Science 8bit Dub Mix) [C.I.A]
System - Mystic Relaxation [Ministry Of Sound]
Voyager - F.A.Qs [Dub]
Kid Lib & Percussive P - Lyrics [Green Bay Wax]
Ricky Force - Come Listen [Dub]
Equinox - The Phantoms (Nebula Remix) [Bustle Beats]
DJ Vapour - Never Feel [36 Hertz]
DJ Rashad & Freshmoon - Everybody [Hyperdub]
Glenn Astro - Shutter Shades (Deft Remix) [WotNot Music]
Percussive P - Vinyl Junkie [Dub]
Leonux - Fusion [Criminal Records]
Total Science - Street Level [Renegade Hardware]
Fon - Meathook [XXX]
Desired State - Beyond Bass (Remix) [RAM]
Tim Reaper - The Dank [Dub]
Loxy & Skeptical - Cylon Theme [Cylon]
Photek - The Lightening (Digital Remix) [Photek]